In various industries such as government, power, telecommunications, medical, railway, military, enterprises, and property, various types of businesses need reliable and stable support from the machine room. The computer network room is composed of key equipment such as computers, servers, network equipment, and storage. It also includes infrastructure such as power supply systems, refrigeration systems, cabinet systems, fire protection systems, and monitoring systems.

      Computer room environment monitoring objects include: city power, computer room power distribution, UPS, storage batteries, air conditioners, temperature and humidity, new fans, water leakage, fire protection, lightning protection, access control, video, routers, switches, servers, etc.

      The dynamic ring monitoring and operation and maintenance system can collect on-site UPS, precision air conditioners, new fans, sensors and other data through Lingjia Wulian 4G LTE collector and analyze the protocol, and then upload it to the cloud platform to realize centralized monitoring and remote control of the machine room Operation and maintenance management. Aiming at the potential safety hazards in the operation and maintenance of the computer network computer room, centralized monitoring and management of power, environment, network, security, etc. are performed to improve operation and maintenance efficiency and ensure the safety of the computer room.

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