With the development and growth of global green energy, the number of photovoltaic power plants is increasing, and the stations are scattered, it is difficult to manage operation and maintenance. The quality of power station operation and power generation efficiency have become the most concerned issues for each power station holding company. In the “Notice on the Power Generation of Village-level Photovoltaic Poverty Power Stations” issued by the Development and Guidance Department of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office in April 2019, 37.1% of the poverty alleviation power stations have insufficient power generation capacity of 80% of the theoretical value. The main reason is that the construction quality is unqualified, the main responsibility of the operation and maintenance is not implemented, and the operation and maintenance management is not in place. The labor cost of power station operation and maintenance is high. At the same time, because there are many hidden dangers in the power station, it is difficult to be directly positioned. It is necessary for the PV power plant operation and maintenance system to analyze the power station data to achieve intelligent and gridded.

       The Modbus protocol is embedded in the 4G LTE collector of the company, which can perform data collection and protocol analysis on inverters, combiners, meters, weather stations and other devices of different manufacturers, different types and models, and transmit them to the real-time. Operation and maintenance management platform and national network e-commerce platform, the platform can collect the operating status of various equipments through our company, power indicators (input voltage, input current, output voltage, output current, output frequency, load rate, power factor, inverter Rate, etc., environment (temperature and humidity, light intensity, PM2.5, wind speed, etc.), security video surveillance and other information. According to the collected information, big data analysis is carried out to optimize the efficiency of PV power plant operation and maintenance management.

       The remote operation and maintenance management platform of the PV station provides a remote, real-time and cross-device platform monitoring and operation and maintenance management solution, which greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance management personnel to understand the operation status of the PV power station in real time through the mobile terminal and the PC terminal. It can maintain management equipment in real time to improve the efficiency and safety of photovoltaic power generation.

       Head Weblink 4G Gateway Data Collector provides a reliable data connection link that is permanently online. Built-in industrial standard RS485 interface design, support MODBUS protocol and the market mainstream inverter, electricity meter, weather station, combiner box and other manufacturers Modbus communication protocol, can connect the national grid platform and operation and maintenance company cloud platform, the data expected by the operation and maintenance company Collection, protocol parsing, data transfer, TLS data encryption, remote configuration, diagnostics, etc. provide reliable and efficient solutions and customized services.




Support multiple inverter data acquisition

Inverter brand: 

         Growatt、East、Ginlong Solis、Saj、Ceepower、Kstar、Sungrow、Invt、Moso、Huawei、Trannergy、Afore、Omnik、Jingfuyuan,Goodwe etc.

Meter protocol

       Multi-function meter communication protocol:DL/T 645、DLMS

Successful case: 

    Remote monitoring of photovoltaic power distribution cabinets in a domestic factory.