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     Head Weblink 4G router and remote management cloud server provide automatic detection of wired / wireless broadband links. When the data link fails, it automatically switches to the backup link. Face recognition inside and outside the store, passenger flow analysis, consumption data analysis, accurate information push, employee attendance. At the same time, Lingjia Wulian Cloud Server can realize remote device management and maintenance, 24-hour recharge renewal, card activation / deactivation, support for recharge interfaces such as QR code, public account, and transfer. The customer application management platform can collect branch information through our system to achieve remote device management and business optimization management. This system solution can provide users with one-stop solutions and services for end, management and cloud. Provide 24-hour uninterrupted automation solutions and customized services for users' broadband access, remote monitoring, passenger flow data analysis, personnel management, and business optimization.

        Success Story: A merchant's broadband access link assurance system.