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International Marketing Department: Foreign Trade Sales colleague

Recruitment number: 6 

Education requirements: college and above

Job description: (English writing, speaking and listening unskilled do not vote!!!!)


1) Develop 2G/2.5G/3G/4G/5G wireless terminals according to company requirements, such as 4G/5G wireless routers, gateways, CPE, trackers, driving recorders and other terminal overseas customers;

2) Promote the company's remote management platform services;

3) Maintain Alibaba, Global Sources, China Manufacturing and other online promotion platforms;

4), active development of customer capabilities;

5) Participate in overseas industry exhibitions, understand industry trends, and actively follow up and develop customers;

6) Complete the sales task indicators under the guidance of the manager;

7) Study, plan, summarize and report according to company requirements;



Job Requirements:

1) College degree or above, English, international trade, communication, computer major preferred;

2), more than 1 year sales experience;

3), love sales work, have strong work self-discipline and customer development ability;

4), with good teamwork spirit and communication skills;

5), has good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

6), with SEO, Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources, Google and other foreign trade promotion platform experience preferred


Domestic Marketing Department: Sales Engineer


work description:

1) Develop 2G/3G/4G LTE/5G routers, DTUs, CPEs, locators and other wireless communication terminals and remotely manage cloud platform customers according to company requirements;

2), familiar with electricity, photovoltaic, wind power, vehicle (logistics trucks, forklifts, containers, property, wine tank tracking), security monitoring system (non-security camera), elevator monitoring, express cabinet, industrial automation, PLC, dust monitoring, sales Machines, smart transportation, smart cities and other related markets;

3) Actively develop the market ability, complete the sales tasks and various task indicators issued by the company;

4) Study, plan, summarize and report according to company requirements;

Job Requirements:

1) College degree or above, preferred in electronics, communication, and computer science;

2), love sales work, have strong sales ability;

3), team spirit and execution.

4), like to think, good communication skills;

5), diligence, initiative, responsibility, love thinking, and courage to solve practical problems;

6), sales experience in the field of wireless communications is preferred;

R&D Department: Linux Development Engineer


description of job:

1) Full-time undergraduate degree or above in microelectronics, communication, electronic information, computer software, automation, etc.

2) More than 2 years experience in embedded LINUX application or driver development.

3), proficient in C language development; proficient in multi-threaded programming;

4), understand the Linux kernel TCP / IP protocol stack.

5), familiar with TCP/IP, SNMP, DHCP, GRE, VPN, TR-069 and other network protocols.

6) Experience in GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G/5G wireless data communication development is preferred.

7), with Qualcomm, MTK, Athroes series chip platform embedded program development priority.

8), with driving recorder, router or switch development experience is preferred.

9), have a good software system framework idea, have an in-depth study of the system stability software mechanism